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4.5 to 5.03% Interest Savings Accounts Found!

It’s a bummer that mortgage and other loan rates have been going up the past year, but did you know that means savings account rates are, too? For the first time in decades I have finally seen a legitimate 5.03% APY savings account without many catches. Primis Bank is showing they offer 5.03% APY on their fee-free checking account and 5.03% APY on their fee-free savings account. The next best runner-up is Marcus Bank with a 3.50% APY, but with this link, they give you a bonus 1.0% savings boost to 4.50%. 3.5% or higher is great when you consider the major banks are paying 0.01% to 1.24% as I write this! 5/3 Bank is showing 0.01% APY, Stock Yards Bank & Trust 0.15% APY and PNC gives a whopping 0.01% but they’ll boost that to 1.24% APY if you have a balance of $100,000 or more. (all of these rates were obtained directly from each respective bank’s website)

Now I am partial to Marcus Bank because, 1. I’ve had a savings account with them for four years and I can personally attest that within one week of the Federal Reserve raising or lowering the Fed Funds rates (the ones that affect bank savings accounts), they forward on an increase/ decrease in the saving rate. I’ve found many banks will ‘tease’ you with higher paying rates then quietly lower it without telling you. Primis Bank I’ve looked at and it seems legitimate, but you’ll need to be aware that I’m not sure how well they’ll retain this 5.03%.

Benchmark Delivers A Christmas Homecoming Miracle

Benchmark could just be another mortgage lender, but we’re not. Sure, every company has their ‘core values’, but there is something tangible and special about ours. Our core values didn’t exist until after they were identified in the soul of the company years after it was established. These values not only inform how we do …

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VA Loan: National Guard VA Loan qualifications 2022 update

Featured photo credit: https://www.nationalguard.com/careers/ground-forces The VA loan is one of the most powerful home buying tools available to those who qualify. A few benefits of the VA home loan are an option for ZERO down payment, no Private Mortgage Insurance, and lenient credit qualifications. There are specific criteria to qualify for the VA home loan, …

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Is waiting for lower interest rates a mistake?

With mortgage interest rates at a level not seen for over a decade (see chart below), the question of whether to wait for interest rates to fall is creeping in. This is not unreasonable, however, it does beg the question. Are rates actually high? If you take a look at the chart below, you can …

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How To Make Your Interest Rate Hold For Longer

Searching for a home? That’s great! It’s a good time to buy! We know that it can be stressful, as interest rates could go up during your search. What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could be certain that your interest rate wouldn’t change while you searched for your next …

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Sellers: How To Incentivize Home Buyers Inexpensively

Has your home been on the market long? Do you feel like selling your home is an insurmountable task? Selling your home can feel hopeless the longer your property sits awaiting a buyer. As sellers struggle to attract buyers, they are confronted with ideas like price slashes or full remodels to sell to their homes. …

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Is it still a good time to buy?

Better late now than never later. It’s the question that’s buzzing around real estate offices, mortgage companies, backyard barbecues, water coolers and passing conversations with neighbors. The short answer is — we think so. Yes, it is still a good time to buy. The long answer is more complicated. Consider these four trends to help …

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